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We provide customized legal services for either a set monthly fee or our a la carte option. For a set monthly fee, you can have access to an attorney and active business partner who knows and understands your business and is a part of your management team. As an alternative, we offer an a la carte option, which allows you to pay for only the services you need.​ 


Fractional General Counsel ​​

As fractional general counsel we provide on-going legal services at a flat rate or through a fixed price structure. Your company will receive a specific number of hours each month of dedicated service.  For a set fee, you have access to our attorneys for general advice, legal emergencies, or longer-term projects. If you need additional services beyond the scope of our general counsel services, we can expand our services with a discounted hourly rate or set fee for specific services. We also coordinate with other outside counsel for litigation or other specialized needs when necessary.

With fractional general counsel, you have available attorneys who know and understand your organization and its mission. Our job is to identify legal problems, address important areas of compliance, and prevent legal problems from expanding into large, costly ones down the road. 

A La Carte Services

Limited scope legal services are different from general representation. In limited scope legal services, our attorneys handle some tasks related to a given legal matter. We break legal representation into smaller segments, on an a la carte basis, assisting a client with specific aspects of a larger endeavor. This allows our clients to choose only the legal services they need while maintaining the flexibility to manage the parts of their overall project that don't require our legal expertise.

Examples of such services are due diligence and risk audits, fund formation, securities law regulation, FINRA arbitration, share purchase agreements, commercial contracts, financing arrangements, general litigation, policies and procedures, employment and separation agreements, trademark and registration advice, and many other custom solutions.

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